One can't deny the way that React JS is turning out to be progressively famous as of now. Thus, there is likewise a considerable interest for ReactJS developers. Be that as it may, one could encounter challenges when he needs to recruit ReactJS developers. In this article, we have referenced the fundamental rules of how to hire react developer, a few tips, and most common mistakes to keep in mind while hiring qualified React JS developers.

Top 5 tips to hire the best ReactJS Developers 

You need to consider different things while looking into candidates for your Reactjs developer position, like experience, their understanding of work, and their specialized abilities. You shouldn't ignore many things, for example, security responsibilities and awareness of business objectives.

These tips will assist you with how to hire React developer and setting the proper thought for assessing which Reactjs developer would be the best recruit for you.

  • Look for an experienced JavaScript developer

Selecting to hire ReactJS developers with related experience guarantees that you can finish your work without any issues in web improvement fields. The experience likewise implies that a developer has had additional opportunity to apply their insight to real-life issues and will probably have more aid and adaptability in finding answers for the problems that emerge in your application.

Remember, in any case, that more experience accompanies a more salary. Consider the intricacy of your application, the degree of ability it requires, and the compensation you can offer. The hybrid between these three points will show the experience you need to search for in your ReactJS developer.

  • Prefer a ReactJS developer who can communicate effectively

JavaScript is, in fact, complex, so it is essential to find a Reactjs developer with brilliant communication abilities who can convey their thoughts, ideas, and task progress in accessible language for everyone to comprehend. This limits the gamble of errors and diminishes the probability of chaos inside your team.

  • Find a ReactJS developer with a robust portfolio

Quite possibly, the main thing you want to consider in recruiting a Reactjs developer is their portfolio which will furnish you with data about the technology stack every candidate has utilized in past accomplishments. Use it as your manual to better understand their specialized subjects and not just look at the general nature of the past work they created.

  • Don't cover only technical topics during the interview

Interviews are certainly not an extraordinary way to look at specialized abilities. Screening tests are a better and more reliable measure for that. Yet, interviews are perfect for relevant and situational questions that assist you with understanding how your candidates apply their abilities in circumstances to beat issues and make achievements.

While you hire react js developer dig further into their experience and characters with questions like -

  1. How do you assess the achievement of a development task? 
  2. What measurements do you use to track it?
  3. Tell me about an operation you dealt with that failed. What was your job, and what turned out wrong in the process? What were your learnings from it?
  4. Have you at any point had a conflict with a project manager or any colleague about the development of an application? What was going on, and how did you resolve it?

  • Don't choose developers who are ignorant of privacy problems

A Reactjs developer with a decent comprehension of security concerns and security measures won't just assist you with keeping away from hefty fines that might be forced because of disregarding guidelines. They will also help you convert and hold more clients by ensuring the safety of the data they share with your site or application.

3 Common mistakes to avoid while hiring ReactJS Developers

There are some mistakes to avoid when you are following the strategy to hire react js developers, such as - 

  • Not Verifying Language and Communication Skills

Reactjs developers should have fundamental technical aptitudes but also excellent communication skills. It is vital to employ a candidate who can completely grasp you and ask precise inquiries through spoken and written communication. Regardless, ensure that the candidate communicates in English or your language. Lead interviews with possible developers to check if they comprehend you and your goals or not. Select react js developers who understand what you are talking about and what you want and can address their thoughts on the project.

  • Hiring a Developer based on their resume

Never hire Reactjs developer exclusively based on their resume. Most candidates embellish their expert experience with their resumes. Conduct careful research and an interview to pass judgment on their abilities.

  • Not Checking References

Their previous collaborations can provide you with valuable data. Look at their past projects in their portfolio that are like yours. Survey them in terms of user-friendly, absence of bugs, and load speed. You can likewise call their clients and ask these inquiries.


A top-quality Reactjs developer is more than a developer. They are also a companion who can assist you with developing your business. Hence, recruiters always tend to ask how to hire react developers.

Well, hiring a Reactjs developer who comprehends the language is fundamental for a task to find lasting success. The above tips will help you hire developers who are bound to deliver the best quality code and range of abilities to remain in the game in an always-evolving field.


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